{Bingo} Blessa

{Bingo} Blessa, originally uploaded by katxkirax.

coming soon from {Bingo}

cardigan and skirt set
I’ll add some more colors later…

other store credit

hair : elikatira new at collabor88
tanktop : !ohmai
tights : {Bingo} coming soon..
boots : gbbrish

hat : 69 (old gift modded…comes with hair)
necklace : mocha (albero gacha)
glasses : kik (gacha)
bag : milk motion

hair: kik
tanktop : !ohmai
tights :
boots : coco

hair bow : u.f.o (albero gacha)
necklace : W&B
bag : 1mm

hair : elikatira
shirt : novocaine (closed?)
tights : not for sale
shoes : tesla

hat : tram
glasses : candydoll (past hunt gift)
necklace : mocha (albero gacha)
bag : tokidoki

pose by {Bingo}
skin and make up by pink fuel


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